14cm 100% copper sugar boiler

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Copper clad sugar boilers are made using 100% copper.

Copper allows heat to distribute quickly and evenly throughout the pan, preventing hotspots and sticking during cooking. Due to their pure copper construction, the pans allow you to minimise cooking times while making your own homemade caramels, jams and toffees.


Copper is the best heat conductor among all materials used in cookware production. Copper allows the cookware to reach high temperatures quickly, and cool down as soon as it is removed from the heat source - giving you maximum control when cooking. The heat spreads out evenly throughout the cookware, without hot spots, preventing food from sticking during cooking. The cookware's interior is lined in stainless steel, meaning it is non-reactive to acids and alkalines, and is safe to use and easy to clean.


The ergonomic stainless steel classic handles provide great comfort during cooking and serving, and it is riveted to provide the cookware with increased strength.

Pans for Life

The copper cookware collection qualifies for our Pans for Life scheme.


The copper cookware collection comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.


Copper Speciality Care

Material100% copper
UtensilsPlastic & wooden utensils only
Suitable HobsGas, electric & ceramic
Pans for LifeYes
GuaranteeLimited Lifetime Guarantee