Cookware sets.

Save 10% on our stainless steel cookware when buying your pots and pans as a set.

Available in 3, 4 and 5-piece sets.

*Discount is pre-applied to the price displayed - no further discount is applied at checkout. Cookware sets are periodically assessed and we reserve the right to add and remove sets at any time.

Stainless steel cookware sets
Tried & tested 3 layer, tri-ply design comprising of a stainless steel exterior and interior, sandwiching a thermally efficeint aluminum core; resulting in superb heat conductivity and consistently great cooking performance.

Copper cookware sets
Copper construction, with a stainless steel interior that allows for maximum cooking control and unrivaled heat distribution.

Britannia cast iron cookware sets
Battleship build cookware, made from 70% waste material, perfect for making delicious meals on BBQ's, all ovens, hobs & open fires.

Seasoned carbon steel cookware sets
Carbon Steel construction provides a professional-grade cookware range that has long-lasting durability and impressive cooking performance.


Samuel Groves cookware ranges all utilise the highest-quality materials available in their construction, this, paired with stunning design produces cookware ranges that are not only fantastic to cook with, but are also guaranteed to turn heads.


The ergonomic stainless steel classic handles provide great comfort during cooking and serving, and it is riveted to provide the cookware with increased strength.

Pans for Life

Cookware sets qualify for our Pans for Life scheme. Find out more here.


Cookware sets come with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.

Use & Care

For use & care instructions, click here.

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