Samuel Groves 'Chef' cooking knives.


The Samuel Groves 'Chef' range is a superb range of fully forged, hand finished knives, created by craftsmen with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the trade.

The knives boast a traditional style which includes fully forged blade, brass rivets which permanently secure the handle to the tang. The chef range, features a round bolster which counter balances the knife to ensure it can be the perfect tool in the kitchen.

Blades are hot forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel X50MoV15, and treated with Ice Hardened technology to make the blade longer lasting, sharper, tougher and more durable. The blade is then precision ground to produce a product that exhibits exceptional sharpness. Each knife is perfectly balanced and will feel at home in the users hand.

Handles are manufactured from sustainable curly birch wood which not only offers an extremely hard, durable and moisture resistant surface but also a stunningly beautiful appearance.

The end result is a knife that is both solid and durable and sustainable, whilst providing the perfect balance required by the most demanding chefs in the industry.



Sustainable Birch wood handles

Curly birch wood is a genetical variation of silver birch which gives the tree its unique pattern making the wood.

The cultivation of curly birch is environmentally friendly because the wood originates mainly from former agricultural areas.

Curly birch tree is a slow growing, short tree with a trunk covered by distinctive bumps and ridges that conceal a wood with a marble- or burl like pattern. The wood of curly birch is dense and very durable and as a result is the perfect material to manufacture knife handles from.

Birch wood is highly valued due to its beautiful pattern and as a result is often used in the interior decoration of high-end cars, yachts and in the manufacture of high end furniture. It was even used by Faberge as one of the materials to make the world famous Faberge egg.

The wood for our handles is manually sawn to bring out the best of the Birch burl pattern and then thoroughly dried. The dried block is then dyed with its distinctive colour, then stabilizing resin is added to the block which is made from non-toxic and non-flammable cactus juice. The purpose of this stabilisation process is to make birch wood extremely durable and hardwearing resulting in a wood that is over three times harder than oak. The Stabilisation process also helps to bring out woods natural beauty and most importantly the process also makes Curly birch wood resistant to humidity.

Due to the nature of the wood, each piece is unique and the appearance will vary. The images and previews therefore may not be an exact match to the result. This is a natural wooden product and as such may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Please ensure you always keep all wooden products away from a direct source of heat (heaters, radiators, fireplaces etc.) This item is not suitable for the dishwasher and should be wiped down rather than immersed in water.

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