Copper serveware.

Copper serveware has been developed to provide a truely unique, head-turning cookware range that has everything you need to cook, present and serve in style. Whether you want to impress your guests by serving up condiments in stunning mini copper saucepans, or bake the perfect soufflé - copper serveware is guaranteed to draw everyone's attention.

Copper clad serving saucepans & casserole dishes
Our copper clad serving saucepans are manufactured using 90% copper, and 10% stainless steel. The copper and stainless steel work in conjunction to distribute heat quickly and evenly throughout the cookware, preventing hotpots and sticking during cooking. The stainless steel interior makes the pan easy to use and clean, and the external layer of copper gives the pan a unique, stunning appearance.


Copper is the best heat conductor among all materials used in cookware production. Copper allows the cookware to reach high temperatures quickly, and cool down as soon as it is removed from the heat source - giving you maximum control when cooking. The heat spreads out evenly throughout the cookware, without hot spots, preventing food from sticking during cooking. The cookware's interior is lined in stainless steel, meaning it is non-reactive to acids and alkalines, and is safe to use and easy to clean.

Stainless steel handles complete the pans. They are feature rich, with ergonomically designed grooves and contours that allow you to hold, manouver and serve from the cookware with ease. The handles are riveted to the cookware in order to provide increased strength.

Pans for Life

The copper serveware collection qualifies for our Pans for Life scheme. Find out more here.

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