'Urban Professional' stainless steel & non-stick cookware.


The best just got better! 

Introducing the NEW Urban stainless steel tri-ply cookware.

Features and Benefits

We are proud to produce the very highest standard of cookware with a low carbon footprint, made in our very own factory based in Birmingham, England UK.

What is Tri-ply

Tri-ply cookware is made up of 3 layers of material sandwiched together, we use an inner core of Aluminium which is superconductive allowing great heat transfer and precise temperature control and this is sandwiched between food-grade SS304 stainless steel which is made from a 60% recycled SS430 stainless steel outer layer and an interior layer of SS304 stainless which is over 50% recycled and both food safe and easy to clean, which is over 50% recycled material. This makes our pans compatible with all heat sources, especially induction.

Why Tri-ply and not Stainless steel

Traditional stainless steel pans (Non-triply), do not conduct heat well and they are thinner than triply so they can create hot spots while cooking and cause food to cook unevenly and potentially burn.

The aluminium core is an excellent conductor of heat far better than stainless steel by itself. It diffuses heat all over the cookware. As a result with Samuel Groves cookware, you don’t need to worry about hotspots, the middle layer of aluminium creates a very even heat distribution throughout the pan the outer layer of magnetic steel also makes the cookware compatible with all heat sources, especially induction.

Why only 3 layers - less is more

Less is more in this case as the single solid centre core of aluminium provides the most efficient way to transfer heat to the surface of the pan without extra layers getting in the way. Our single aluminium core not only transfers heat from the base of the pan in the most efficient way possible but also from the side of the walls also allowing for added benefit in reducing energy and lowering cooking temperatures. This versatile 3-ply cookware is compatible with induction hobs, safe on all types of stoves and safe to use in ovens up to 250°c. Due to the aluminium core, stainless steel interior and exterior, these pans offer exceptional heat distribution.

New edge closed technology - 100% Dishwasher Safe

Samuel Groves is proud to introduce state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to permanently seal together the aluminium core inside the walls of our stainless steel sandwich layers. This gives our pan a durable hardened/reinforced stainless rim and coupled with stainless steel rivets has the added benefit of making our pans 100% dishwasher safe.

In some cases, dishwashing salts and detergents can eat away at the exposed. Aluminium Core if persistently washed. Edge-close technology eliminates this issue completely.

Why Domed Lids - Domed lids add flavour back to the pot

Our New Dome Lids are specifically designed for use with the Samuel Groves chef pan. The unique shape of the dome allows the cooking vapours to circulate together at the top of the lid to then condense and drop back into the pan saving not only all of the goodness/nutrition but also enhancing flavours and preserving valuable cooking juices.

We are also proud to announce that our 'dome lids' are made from over 90% recycled material.


Also available is our BRAND NEW 'PROFESSIONAL S' Non-Stick Range


Why are our new Samuel Groves pan is the BEST NON-STICK EVER


A product for ambitious and professional chefs who expect the highest performance and durability from a coating.

DURIT Professional S (PROFESSIONAL) is a three-coat system based on an innovative multi-polymer combination specially developed by ILAG. This product is characterized by outstanding scratch resistance. Due to its slightly rough and hard surface, it is possible to use carefully metal utensils to stir foodstuff in the cookware product. 

Why buy a premium DURIT Professional S - Smooth and so tough

Our non-stick ILAG  version surfaces as outstanding non-stick resilience. Due to its durability, it's possible to use metal utensils in cooking.


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