Roasting Tray Dishes.

Mermaid hard anodised roasting dishes

Big enough for the largest of roasts, including turkey, Mermaid hard anodised roasting dishes are perfect for serving the ultimate Sunday dinner, as well as irresistable potatoes and vegetables. Samuel Groves roasting dishes are designed to be the perfect companion for all home, and commercial baking.

Lightweight and robust, this tray can withstand the stresses of all-day baking, while producing consistent results everytime, for a lifetime, while also being easy-to-clean.

Copper clad cookware

Copper is the best heat conductor among all materials used in cookware production, it allows the cookware to reach high temperatures quickly and cool down as soon as it is removed from the heat source - giving you maximum control when cooking. The cookware’s interior is lined in stainless steel, meaning it is non reactive to acids and alkali’s.



Mermaid bakeware is the choice of professional chefs and home bakers the world over, because it consistently produces high-quality bakes every time, for a lifetime.

The unique dark finish of the Mermaid hard anodised range is the by-product of an electro-chemical process that hardens the outer layer of aluminium to produce an indestructible surface, moreover, the solid sturdy body will not buckle or warp in the oven. Typically, it is twice as hard as stainless steel and its surface will never peel, flake or blister. Over time, if used correctly, our hard anodised products will develop a natural patina that will make them virtually non-stick.

Aluminium is an extremely efficient heat conductor, it heats up quickly and produces consistent, even bakes - which is why it is the preferred choice of professional chefs.

We don't use PTFE or PFOA's on any of our bakeware products, so you can bake with confidence knowing that the products you're using are 100% safe.

Please note
the bakeware may display 3 small contact points where the pan has been held during the hard-anodising process. This is part of the manufacturing process and willl not affect the products performance. 

Copper clad cookware

Copper clad cookware is manufactured using 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. The interior of the pan is lined with stainless steel making the cookware easy to use and clean, and the exterior comprises of a pure copper shell.

Use & Care 

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Hard Anodised Care

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