Classic Deluxe Real Leather Apron with Backstrap - Whiskey

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The classic leather apron comes with two comfortable leather straps, as well as buckles which makes it easy to adjust and wear the apron in seconds; it's ready for action when you are!

Light and flexible, these aprons have been ergonomically designed to be the perfect companion to both indoor and outdoor cooking. The aprons are one size fits all, and they are completed with a design that allows for the wearer to seamlessly, and easily put on and take off the apron.


Deluxe, 100% full-grain leather aprons, manufactured with the goal of lasting a lifetime. Designed in Britain, they are centered around being perfect for home & professional chefs. The materials used allow for the aprons to have a scratch and stain resistent surface - ideal for all cooking enviroments.

The more you wear these aprons, the more beautiful they will become.


Our deluxe real leather aprons come with a 12 month guarantee.

BrandStalwart Crafts
Country of OriginDesigned in Britain, made in Netherlands
Material100% real leather