Stainless steel cookware use & care.


Stainless Steel Care

Before first use

Before use, remove all labels from the product and wash it in warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.


Thanks to its three-layer structure, stainless steel tri-ply pans distribute heat quickly and evenly and require a lower temperature for most types of cooking, including frying and searing. Use only medium and low heat for the best cooking performance, as overheating might result in food sticking on the cooking surface of the pan. We also recommend using a drop of oil or fat to further minimise this occurrence.

If using salt, always add it to hot cooking liquid or food so it can dissolve quickly. Never add directly to the stainless steel interior as it may cause pitting or marking.

Do not overheat a pan when empty, and never allow a pan to boil dry. Damage from overheating is instantly recognisable as the stainless-steel surface may change colour producing a golden/brown/blue appearance. This change is not reversible and cannot be cleaned off, but the pan's performance is not affected, and it can be used as usual.

The handles are designed to stay cool during use, although they can get hot under certain conditions. Always select the appropriate hob ring to match the pan’s base size so that the heat touches only the bottom of the pan and handles are not in direct contact with heat or flames. Use a dry oven glove or cloth when handling a hot pan or lid during and after cooking and when removing a pan that has been in the oven for any amount of time. On any glass-topped hobs, always lift the pan when moving and never slide the pan across the surface, as this may cause damage to the base of the pan and the hob.

Do not use pans to store raw, marinated or cooked foods.


Clean the pan with hot water, detergent and a sponge cloth, or with the soft side of a cleaning sponge. A soft dish brush can also be used to clean the pan. Stubborn food residue should first be soaked with hot soapy water. Under no circumstances should you clean the pan with the rough side of a cleaning sponge or with a metal scouring pad.

Maintaining your pans appearance

We recommend maintaining all Samuel Groves products by frequently cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend's easy-to-use powders, sprays and creams. Purchase Bar Keepers Friend here.

Pans for Life

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This collection comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.

These use & care instructions also apply to the Tom Kerridge Stainless Steel cookware range.

Please note not following our instructions of use may invalidate any claims against the manufacturer's guarantee.