Pans for Life-banner

Samuel Groves has launched a Pan for Life refurbishment scheme, meaning that you can return their Samuel Groves pans for re-coating and repairs.


As even the best non-stick coated pans degrade over time and washes, we are able to recoat your favourite pan and even replace the worn handle rivets.


We even go a step further and re-polish the pan back to how it was the day it came off our production line giving you a true PAN FOR LIFE!


Qualifying Products Only. Please check inside the packaging or contact us


To activate the Pan for Life refurbishment please register your qualifying product within 30 days of purchase Registration Form



*To take advantage of this amazing offer you must register your product within 30 Days of order date, Pan for Life warranty is not effective for commercial use. You have to follow our care and use recommendations. Selected products lines only. Offer subject to change at anytime. Any questions contact our sales.