20cm Copper Induction Frying Pan

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This premium, well-engineered 20cm/ 8'' Frying Pan guarantees the best results every time you cook.

This pan can be used to make fluffy pancakes and silky omelettes, fry eggs or brown onions. As the pan is oven safe, you can transfer the pan from cooking hob to the oven in order to finish your cooking.


The ergonomic stainless-steel classic handle has been designed to provide the optimum length for best weightdistribution and provides great comfort during cooking and serving.

Classic Hndles

The handle stays cool during cooking, although it can get warmer closer to the rivets. A cloth or over glove would need to be used if the pan is used in the oven for any amount of time.


You can use these pans on all types of hobs, including induction and can be used in an oven.

These pans are not suitable for dishwasher use.


Use and Care

Please follow the below Use and Care Instructions to get the best out of your cookware and to extend its life.

Care instruction
Length (inc. handles)37.7cm/ 14.85''
Height (inc. handles and lid)12cm/ 4.7''
Height (exc. handles and lid)4.5cm/ 1.77''
Cooking surface14.5cm/ 5.7''
Weight0.66 Kg
Diameter20cm/ 8''
MaterialCopper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Suitable Hobsinduction, gas, ceramic, electric
Dishwashernot safe
Pans for LifeYes

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