12" Mermaid Silver Anodised Aluminium Baking Tray

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This 12'' heavy-duty, lightweight and robust baking tray will not blister or peel. It is perfect for general roasting & baking.

With the lips for easy handling.


This tray is oven safe to 230C/ 450F/ Gas mark 8, and it can also be used under the grill.

Not suitable for use with metal utensils. We recommend using silicone or heat resistant plastic tools


Use and Care

These pans are not suitable for dishwasher use.

Clean by hand using a sponge and washing up liquid.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, caustic soda or chemicals. Stubborn foods should be left to soak in warm soapy water.

Please follow the below Use and Care Instructions to get the best out of your cookware and extend its life.

Size318 x 216 x 19mm
Weight0.43 Kg
MaterialSilver Anodised Aluminium
UtensilsNot suitable for use with metal utensils
OvenSafe up to 230C/ 450F/ gas mark 8
DishwasherNot safe

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