12" Mermaid Silver Anodised Aluminium Baking Tray

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The Mermaid Silver Anodised 12'' heavy-duty, lightweight and robust baking tray will not blister or peel. It is perfect for general roasting & baking.


Mermaid Bakeware is the choice of professional chefs and home bakers the world over, because it produces consistent high quality bakes every time, for a lifetime.

Our Mermaid Silver Anodised products utilise an aluminium makeup due to its superb heat conductivity, and its ability to guarantee consistent bakes in a reduced time.

The smooth satin finish on the range is achieved during the process of anodising, which seals and hardens the outer layer of the aluminium, giving it an easy-release, easy-clean surface that will not leach, peel or rust. The surface will improve with use by developing a natural patina; making the range virtually non-stick. This bakeware is sturdy and substantial, and will not buckle or warp in the oven.

Our Silver Anodised products do not feature any chemicals such as PTFE or PFOA's in their coatings, meaning that they're always safe to use. The range is packaged in our 100% sustainable packaging.


The Mermaid Silver Anodised Range comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.


Silver Anodised Care
Size318 x 216 x 19mm
Weight0.43 Kg
MaterialSilver Anodised Aluminium
UtensilsNot suitable for use with metal utensils
OvenSafe up to 230C/ 450F/ gas mark 8
DishwasherNot safe

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