Classic 28cm Stainless Steel Triply Frying Pan

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This premium, well-engineered 28cm Frying Pan guarantees the best results every time you cook.

The flat bottom and sloped sides of the pan allow for oil, sauce and other liquids to cook evenly.


The ergonomic stainless-steel classic handle has been designed to provide the optimum length for best weightdistribution and provides great comfort during cooking and serving.

Classic Hndles

The handle stays cool during cooking, although it can get warmer closer to the rivets. A cloth or over glove would need to be used if the pan is used in the oven for anyamount of time.


The magnetic stainless steel exterior enables the cookware to be used on induction hobs, as well as on all other heating sources. These pans can be used in an oven up to 250C.


Use and Care

Although these pans are dishwasher-safe, we strongly recommend cleaning your pansby hand, and using a dishwasher only periodically. The cleaning products used in some dishwashers can be very abrasive and can lead to deterioration of the aluminium located between the two layers of stainless steel.

Prolongeddishwasher use can damage your cookware and, as a result, may invalidate any claims against our manufacturer's guarantee.

Please follow the below Use and Care Instructions to get the best out of your cookware and to extend itslife.

Care instruction
Width28cm/ 11''
Length (inc. handles)46cm/ 18.11''
Height (inc. handles and lid)12cm/ 4.7''
Height (exc. handles and lid)4.5cm/ 1.77''
Cooking surface23cm/ 9''
Weight1.25 Kg
Outer LayerStainless Steel
Core LayerAluminium
Inner LayerStainless Steel
MaterialAluminium and Steinless Steel
Suitable HobsInduction Base, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Aga
OvenSafe up to 250C/ 482F/ gas mark 9
DishwasherClean by hand recommended

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James - 06/05/2021
Sad to see this pan is yet to have any reviews! This is a well built Stainless Steel Pan, significantly cheaper than competitors like All-Clad and not made for pennies in sweat shops like ones...
Tom - 14/06/2021
Absolutely delighted with my new frying pan. Its heavy and feels robust. Fantastic for pan frying chicken breasts and steaks. Retains the heat really well and good for transferring straight to the...
(2 reviews)