33cm Carbon Steel Wok with hardwood handle

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This Carbon Steel 13''/ 33cm Flat Base Wok with hardwood handle is made from 100% natural mineral material and coated with natural flax oil to protect from oxidation, which should be removed by washing in hot soapy water before use.  This will give your pan a non stick finish and will help you lock in flavours and the best cooking results.

Using your black iron pan.
The products should be seasoned before use; this is best done by gently heating about 1cm of oil in the base of the pan. After heating the oil, allow it to cool before disposing of the oil, then wipe the pan with kitchen paper. This seasoning starts the beginning of a naturally forming ‘patina’ on the surface. The patina will develop with regular use and the surface of the pan will become virtually Non-stick. After cooking the pan should only be wiped out with kitchen paper.

Always store the pan in a dry place to avoid the pan rusting. If light rust spots do occur, they can be removed with a scourer. The seasoning process should then be repeated before further use.
The cooking of acidic food, such as tomatoes, may produce staining. If this occurs the pan should be re-seasoned.

Cleaning your black iron pan.
Carbon Steel products should not be used in dishwashers. Hand wash only. Following this guidance will ensure a longlife for your product.

Diameter13''/ 33cm
MaterialCarbon Steel
Suitable HobsInduction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic
Dishwashernot safe

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