Tom Kerridge cookware.

Michelin Star chef, Tom Kerridge handpicked Samuel Groves to produce a bespoke line of frying pans and saucepans to use in his two UK Michelin Star pubs, as well as sell to the public so they can get their hands on the very best, professional-level cookware.

"Pans for me are one of, if not the most important thing in the kitchen. This cookware range was about me being honest about being a part of the process. I actually use these pans. We ditched all of our top end European pans that we'd used for 11 years at The Hand & Flowers, and now use these pans!"

I influenced the design, the way they work, the sizing - the fact it can fit 2 or 3 peices of meat, or just one single piece of meat, its all really, really important because if you overcrowd things it affects the way the food tastes."

"Just the standard that the pans have been built to, the way they've been made - again, hand finished, hand rivited, the way they've been put together, the construction and strength, how robust they are, it's all so, so important."

Tom Kerridge


Made from a tri-ply combination of bonded stainless steel and aluminium these pans are induction compatible and the thick gauge aluminium provides ideal conductivity. The saucepans come complete with a lid, allowing for rapid boiling and smooth, even heat distribution. Performing to a professional standard on both induction and gas hobs, the pans are ergonomically designed to create the perfect balance of control and durability. The smooth feel handles have been designed to provide the optimum length for best weight distribution; each handle is riveted to the base by hand to provide extra strength. An all-around pouring rim allows clean and consistent pouring from any side of the pan.


The ergonomic stainless steel classic handles provide great comfort during cooking and serving, and it is riveted to provide the cookware with increased strength.

Tom Kerridge Handle

Pans for Life

The Tom Kerridge collection qualifies for our Pans for Life scheme. Find out more here.


The stainless steel collection comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.

Use & Care

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Stainless Steel Care

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