6 Cup Mermaid Hard Anodised Yorkshire Pudding Tray

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The 6 cup Mermaid hard anodised yorkshire pudding tray is perfect for creating individual Yorkshire puddings and Tartlets.


Mermaid Bakeware is the choice of professional chefs and home bakers the world over, because it produces consistent high quality bakes every time, for a lifetime.

The unique dark finish of the Mermaid Hard Anodised range is the by-product of an electro-chemical process that hardens the outer layer of aluminium to produce a indestructible surface, moreover the solid sturdy body will not buckle or warp in the oven. Typically, it is twice as hard as stainless steel and it's surface will never peel, flake or blister. Over time, if used correctly, our Hard Anodised products will develop a natural patina that will make them virtually non-stick.

Aluminium is an extremely efficient heat conductor, it heats up quickly and produces a consistent, even bake - which is why it is the preferred choice of professional chefs.

We don't use PTFE or PFOA's on any of our Mermaid bakeware products, so you can bake with confidence knowing that the products you are using are 100% safe.


The Mermaid Hard Anodised Range comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.


Hard Anodised Care
MaterialHard Anodised Aluminium
UtensilsPlastic & wooden utensils only
Suitable HobsGas, ceramic & electric
Oven240c, 475F, gas mark 9

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