26cm Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Non-Stick Frying Pan

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The 26cm Stainless-steel Tri-Ply Non-Stick frying pan guarantees the best results every time you cook.

The heat is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the whole pan without hot or cold spots, and the Non-stick interior allows for healthier cooking with reduced oil.

The pan is ideal for cooking meat or fish, frying eggs or making an omelette. As the pan is oven safe, you can transfer the pan from cooking hob to the oven in order to finish your cooking.


Our tried-and-tested 3 layer, tri-ply design which comprises of a stainless steel exterior and interior, sandwiching a thermally efficient aluminium core. The solid 3mm body makes these pans very sturdy and durable. The outer stainless steel layer protects the cookware from scratching and rusting, and it will not react when it comes in contact with acidic or alkaline foods. The design guarantees superb heat distribution, resulting in consistently great cooking throughout the pan, including the sides - making it perfect for asian cooking. The interior of the pan benefits from two coats of the top quality, British Non-Stick. When the non-stick layer eventually wears out, it can be refurbished so it truely is a pan for life.


The ergonomic stainless steel classic handles provide great comfort during cooking and serving, and it is riveted to provide the cookware with increased strength.

Non-Stick Handle

Pans for Life

The stainless steel collection qualifies for our Pans for Life scheme.


The stainless steel collection comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.


Stainless Steel Care
Length (inc. handles)44cm
Height (inc. handles and/or lid)12cm
Cooking surface20cm/ 7.87''
Outer LayerStainless Steel (0.5mm - 430 stainless steel)
Core LayerAluminium (2.1mm - 105 aluminium)
Inner LayerStainless Steel, with Non-Stick F-Lon Coating (0.4mm - 304 stainless steel)
UtensilsWooden, silicone or heat resistant plastic utensils only
Suitable HobsGas, ceramic, electric, induction & AGA
Oven230c, 450F, gas mark 8
Pans for LifeYes
Hailey Kow - 30/07/2021
Best Non-stick pan I have every used. Cooked Scrambled eggs and not a drop of waste. Normally do one extra egg to allow for the amount that invariably sticks. Don’t use high heat on these, or...
Tim Ennis - 07/04/2022
This is such a great frying pan to cook with. I’m amazed at the difference between this and my old frying pan. The non-stick is the best I’ve ever used, it heats quickly and very evenly. It...
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