Mermaid Rangeware for AGA Cookers

Our rangeware

Mermaid rangeware is designed with the primary goal of working seamlessly with AGA cookers. The products in this range have all been extensively tested to ensure that they are compatable with both the the runners of the oven and/or the hob of an AGA cooker.

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Although our rangeware was designed with the intention of being compatable with AGA cookers, we have worked extenisvely to ensure it is also compatable with with all ovens and hobs, not limited to AGA's.

Mermaid Hard Anodised rangeware

Hard anodised aluminium makeup, producing an indestructable surface that will not buckle or warp in the oven, while also providing superb heat conductivity. Hard anodised rangeware is produced with the primary goal of working perfectly with all AGA cookers, the products in this range have been extensively tested to ensure that they fit the runners of AGA cookers, and work effortlessly on the burners of the hob.

Mermaid Hard Anodised Kettles

Mermaid hard anodised kettles have been manufactured to work perfectly on the hobs of AGA cookers. Their dimensions are calculated to seamlessly fit AGA hob burners, and the products design allows for even heat distribution and quick boiling.

Enamelled Cast Iron cookware

We don't use PTFE or PFOA's on any of our products, so you can bake with confidence knowing that the products you're using are 100% safe.


All Samuel Groves manufactured products come with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.