Ultimate Carbon Cookware

Ultimate Carbon:

Ultimate Carbon cookware captures the wonderful cooking properties of cast iron cookware but without all the hassle. 

Ultimate Carbon is built for high-temperature searing, frying, sautéing and baking. Its thick iron core cooks evenly and will allow you to perfect the Maillard Reaction.

We use 3.0mm thick steel, which gives the best balance between weight, thermal durability and even heat distribution. Ultimate Carbon will be 30% lighter than the equivalent cast iron pan and it won’t rust or crack.
The steel used to make Ultimate Carbon contains about 98% iron, so whilst suitable for all heat sources it is particularly good for induction. 
The Ultimate Carbon patented metallurgical process embeds a natural, super-hard ceramic like surface onto the pan’s iron core making it more durable than cast iron. Ultimate Carbon cooking surface is safe and eco-friendly.
These products are produced to the highest quality in Britain, are extremely durable and are designed to last you a lifetime of heavy use. 
Please Follow Use & Care Instructions To Get The Best Out Of Your Cookware & Extend It's life: Use & Care
Ultimate Carbon Cookware