Copper Cookware


Copper is the best heat conductor among all materials used in cookware production. Copper pans reach high temperature quickly and cool down as soon as they are removed from the heat source, giving you maximum control when cooking. The heat spreads out evenly throughout the cookware, without hot spots and food sticking during cooking. 

Copper cookware is energy efficient, as it will only require using low temperature for most type of cooking, including frying and searing. 

The cookware's interior is lined with nonreactive to acid and the natural minerals stainless-steel, making the pans safe to use and easy to clean.

Our copper cookware includes:

Copper Clad range – copper construction with stainless steel interior

Copper Induction range – Stainless Steel Triply construction with copper exterior

Copper Core range – Stainless Steel and Aluminium construction with a copper core.

Copper Cookware