Mermaid Baking Dishes


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Code Description Brand Size Price Quantity
4715121/2HA Mermaid 31cm /12" Baking Dish Hard Anodised Alum 318 x 216 x Mermaid 318 x 216 x 51mm
£19.08 (inc VAT)
£15.90 (exc VAT)
4715141/2HA Mermaid 36cm/14" Baking Dish Hard Anodised Alum 366 x 266 x Mermaid 366 x 266 x 69mm
£28.13 (inc VAT)
£23.44 (exc VAT)
4715161/2HA Mermaid 41cm/16" Baking Dish Hard Anodised Alum 418 x 302 x Mermaid 418 x 302 x 70mm
£34.22 (inc VAT)
£28.52 (exc VAT)
M4210 Mermaid 10" Companion Baking D ish Hard Anodised Alum 267 x 1 Mermaid
£15.12 (inc VAT)
£12.60 (exc VAT)
M4990 Mermaid Companion Trio Pan 267 x164x28 Dish 267x164x40mm Shee Mermaid
£37.68 (inc VAT)
£31.40 (exc VAT)
M5403 Mermaid Companion Stainless St eel Roasting Rack 250 x 125 x Mermaid
£11.66 (inc VAT)
£9.72 (exc VAT)
M4110 Mermaid 10" Companion Baking P an Hard Anodised Alum267x164x2 Mermaid
£19.10 (inc VAT)
£15.92 (exc VAT)