Tart Tatin

Silver Anodised Aluminium

An extra thick base to caramelise fruit on the hob before the pastry is baked in the oven ensuring a perfect Tarte Tatin.

218 x 55 mm,  8½ x 2½ inch.
Not dishwasher safe.
Made in UK


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Code Description Brand Size Price Quantity
M8746 Mermaid 8 1/2" Tarte Tatin Silver Anodised 218 x 55mm Mermaid Dia. 215 x 55mm
£18.60 (inc VAT)
£15.50 (exc VAT)
M8748 Mermaid 10 1/2" Tarte Tatin Silver Anodised 265 x 50mm Mermaid Dia. 265 x 50mm
£21.12 (inc VAT)
£17.60 (exc VAT)