Cafe / Teapot

Samuel Groves Teapots Manufactured from Aluminium

UK Manufactured

Professional Polished Finish.

Hard Wearing Black Plastic Handles, and front handles.

Hand Wash Only – Not Dishwasher Safe.

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Code Description Brand Capacity Price Quantity
L2102 Aluminium Cafe Teapot & Lid 2PT 1.2LTR, Dia. 136 mm Samuel Groves 1.2 L / 2 Pint
£38.18 (inc VAT)
£31.82 (exc VAT)
L2104 Aluminium Cafe Teapot & Lid 4PT 2.3LTR, Dia 160 mm Samuel Groves 2.3 L / 4 Pint
£49.68 (inc VAT)
£41.40 (exc VAT)
L2106 Aluminium Cafe Teapot & Lid 6PT 3.7LTR, Dia. 190 mm Samuel Groves 3.7 L / 6.5 Pint
£55.70 (inc VAT)
£46.42 (exc VAT)
L2108 Aluminium Cafe Teapot & Lid 8PT 4.5LTR, Dia. 200 mm Samuel Groves 4.5 L / 8 Pint
£62.26 (inc VAT)
£51.88 (exc VAT)