Tri-Ply Copper Traditional Frying Pan

BrandSamuel Groves

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Code Description Brand Size Price Quantity
CTP0124HW 8" Copper Tri-ply Traditiona Frying Pan. 203mm dia Samuel Groves Dia. 8" / 203mm
£59.78 (inc VAT)
£49.82 (exc VAT)
CTP0125DHW 9" Copper Tri-ply Traditional Deep Frypan. 228mm dia Samuel Groves Dia. 9" / 228mm
£90.14 (inc VAT)
£75.12 (exc VAT)
CTP0126HW 10" Copper Tri-ply Traditional Frypan. 254mm dia Samuel Groves Dia. 10" / 254mm
£65.86 (inc VAT)
£54.88 (exc VAT)