So On Trend Winners - Pan for Life

Awards Winners

**Samuel Groves awarded the Scarlet Opus On Trend in the Eco Living Trend**


Scarlet Opus – Trend experts (  has selected Samuel Groves for the “So On Trend Award”, run by Exclusively Digital, for their refurbishment policy, offer & capability. Making ‘a pan for life’ a reality and not just a ‘marketing-screen’ is a hugely important consumer/planet benefit that we want to make something of. “To the best of our knowledge this is unique in the UK and Europe”, adds Phil Pond, from Scarlet Opus


Scarlet Opus recognised that Samuel Groves do care for the environment, and realise that consumers want to waste less, and will look to buy innovative product from accountable companies that are responsible and innovative.


In addition the packaging of the pans was noted – using a sustainable hessian bag, which can be used to protect the pan when not in use or be used to store vegetables, more over it cuts down on plastic packaging.


More about the unique "Pan for Life" scheme

Samuel Groves has launched a “Pan for Life" refurbishment scheme, or should we say a touch “TLC” for your much-loved pan.

Why replace when you can refurb?

The Samuel Groves “Pan for life service” offers:

- Recoating of non-stick pans (as they do degrade with use and harsh chemicals)

- Replacement of worn rivets.

- The finishing touch – pan polishing to return to close to its original condition.


The pans are refurbished at our Samuel Groves / U Group manufacturing facility in Birmingham. This service truly offers the consumer a pan for life. The refurbishment cost is likely to be about 25% of the cost of a new pan.


The reasons why Samuel Groves have been credited can be seen in this video


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