Hard Anodised Yorkshire Pan Gets To Marks From BBC Good Food


Samuel Groves – Mermaid Hard Anodised Yorkshire Pudding Pan The BBC decided to run some vigorous tests to find the best Yorkshire Pudding Pans in the UK and selected our Mermaid Hard Anodised Yorkshire Pudding Pan to take part.

They were not disappointed and our promise lived up the test, we were “Best tin for large Yorkshire puddings”.

The BBC Good Food team loved the “curved sides” which helps the rise and also helps create the crispy lipped edge.

BBC also loved that we give a lifetime guarantee* with this product meaning it will live up to the test life.

- Hard Anodised Aluminium

- Twice As Strong As Steel

- Will Never Peel, Flake or Blister

- Lifetime Guarantee*

Source: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/review/best-yorkshire-pudding-tins

Product Link: https://www.samuelgroves.com/Products/003100040017/4710135HA




*T&Cs apply for lifetime Guarantee: https://www.samuelgroves.com/Lifetime_Warranty